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Don’t let them do it……slay those internal dragons who taunt you with self-doubt, fear, worry and all the other feelings of defeat.  Claim victory by whacking the weeds of negativity, forging a new path allowing you freedom to be the person you are destined to be!   Find your warrior…’s within!


The power when wearing this piece is palpable and have lovingly named this piece as "The Warrior Within"!   It is a statement necklace made of recycled Sterling Silver and completely formed by hand, one section at a time and the charm itself is approximately 3" long.  The bottom of the "sword" is adorned with raised flower buds and leads to triumphant, angel wings that serve as the sword's handle.  At the base of the wings is a puffed heart that is accented with 22kt Genuine Gold.  Nestled in between the wings is a 14kt Gold Bezel setting with a top quality, faceted Rainbow Moonstone.

And the best part of this design is the small crown imprint symbolizing your victory over your internal dragons!  This talisman hangs proudly from a feminine choice of Sterling Chains, one oval links and the other is a rosary beaded chain of Rainbow Moonstones at a length of 30".  And as a gentle reminder, the reverse side that sits against your heart, has the word "Warrior" imprinted on it.


So, slay your internal dragons and as an important side note:  If there are external forces that are holding you back, they can't proceed without your permission.  Don't give it to them!   Find your's within!

"The Warrior Within" Talisman Sword Necklace

  • Sterling Silver, Recycled Sterling Silver, 22kt Genuine Gold Accented Puffed Heart, Handmade Sword Charm, Rainbow Moonstone Rosary Beaded Chain, Sterling Silver Chain, Top Quality Faceted Rainow Moonstone, 14kt Gold Bezel Setting

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