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We are officially starting a new scarf trend here at Woods and Willow!  Be the first to get this stylish, comfortable, affordable necklace and help us set the trend!  


My father, "Woody", is one of the main  reasons why I started this jewelry business.  He was a landscape designer/outdoor lover and taught me everything I know today about plants/trees.  While working outside, he always wore a bandana around his neck to protect it from the sun and knotted it in front.

When we were designing our eco-printed scarfs to fit around the neck, we were stumped as to what to call them.  And then "poof" the idea came to us that we were imitating what he did, without even knowing it.  Hence the name, The "Woodsy"!  


These are comfortable, eco-printed (from real leaves imprinted on the silk scarves), one of a kind pieces that are embellished with handmade, Sterling Silver botanical charms in the front.  You tie these scarves in the back from silk cords and the front scarf tips are secured through the back of the charm and then hand-stitched for extra security.


These are fun, stylish and just adorable!  We have started with three options as listed in the variation menu for you to choose from:

Horse Charm with Neutral Scarf
Money Leaf Charm with Teal Scarf
Heart Shaped Charm with Teal Scarf

The "Woodsy" - Eco Printed Silk Scarf with Sterling Charm Necklacel

  • Eco Printed Silk Scarf, Habotai Silk Scarf, Handmade Sterling Silver Charm, Silk Ties, Inspiration from my father, Woody!

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