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These Woods and Willow earrings showcase the intricate details on the surface of the Sage leaf. This herb is not only beautiful in texture and the silver-green color of the leaves, but for centuries, the Sage leaf symbolizes wisdom.

These handmade earrings have their inspiration and origins with actual Sage leaves. I lightly oxidized the surface to enhance those tiny "puffs" on the leaf and added artisan touches with faceted Prehnites, Turquoise and Peridot stones that all together, have a soothing, visual blend of calmness to the eye.

All these botanical components hang from comfortable Sterling Silver leverback earrings.

Feel the Wisdom.......Sterling Sage Leaf Earrings with a blend of green stones....Enjoy!

Sage Leaf Prehnite Earrings

SKU: 54654000
  • Silver, Stone

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