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Since Angels surround us all year long, why is it that we focus on them only during the holiday season?  Woods and Willow would like to bring to the forefront, that we are blessed with protection from Angels  everyday of the year, if we are open to their signs.


This handmade beauty is a crescent moon shaped charm of Sterling Silver, but what makes it unique and magical is the surface.  Look at the raised, etched surface in the shape of Angels' wings.  I accented the wings in 22kt Genuine Gold so they glisten and are pronounced against the coolness of the Silver.  You have your choice of two necklace lengths for your layering preference.  The chain is stunning! 
 It is 14kt Gold Filled with tiny, GLOWING Rainbow Moonstone teardrops!   It truly sets this necklace apart if you want something special!


Feel the magic of the moment where the celestial paths of Angel wings against the illumination of the moon beams meet with this artisan necklace!


PLEASE NOTE:  Some of the photos depict other Winged Moon Necklace designs that are also available in other listings on this site.

Winged Moon Necklace with Rainbow Moonstones and Gold Accents

  • Sterling Silver, Recycled Sterling Silver, Precious Metal Clay, Handmade Charm, Angel Wing Charm, 22kt Genuine Gold Accents, 14kt Gold Filled Chain with faceted Rainbow Moonstone Teardrops, 14kt Gold Filled Lobster Claw Clasp, Angel Symbolism 

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