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Woodsy Girl Necklace, Nature Necklace, Artisan Necklace

Are you a nature girl? Do you love a calming walk in the woods? Then if I am describing you I may be describing the perfect necklace that expresses your love of nature! This Woods and Willow necklace design has three handmade charms. The first charm is a king, rectangular sterling silver charm that depicts the moon the sun and the stars. It is accented in 22kt Genuine Gold and rimmed with a silver beaded frame. The next component to this organic-by-design necklace is a string of rainbow moonstones depicting the moon beams from above. And the third charm is a small oval sterling silver and gold accented charm that depicts the magic of the woods. This necklace hangs at 30 inches from a beautiful sterling silver chain. So if this necklace speaks to you, then you are our woodsy girl!

Woodsy Girl Nature Necklace

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