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At Woods and Willow, we love designing and creating wearable art that connects the world of textiles and metalsmithing together!  This Eco Printed Woodland Scarf Bracelet is the latest design we are head over heels in love with!

All of these scarves are made by hand and no two are identical.  They will be very similar to one another in color tones, but leaves are all different and will transfer varying shapes.

Eco Printing is the process of using earth's offerings, such as leaves, vines, bark, etc. that all have tannins.  Through a many-step process, their imprints are transferred onto the Habotai Silk Fabric for a truly magical and eco friendly display of nature's beauty.

These Habotai Silk Scarves are 11" x 11", hand dyed in jewel-tone hues and cinched in the middle with handmade, Sterling Silver charms I made of recycled Sterling Silver.  Simply knot the scarf at the back of your wrist and you are ready to go!

A - Angel - Indigo Blue
B - Heart - Rose
C - Lotus - Plum
D - Botanical - Indigo Blue
E - Butterfly - Rust
F - Hibiscus - Plum

These botanical bracelets are fun, so comfortable to wear and easily layered with other bracelets.  Get ready to receive compliments on this newest trend of jewelry with this earth-friendly Woodland Scarf Bracelet.

YOUR CHOICE OF Eco Printed Woodland Scarf Bracelet with Handmade Sterling Charms

  • Sterling Silver, Recycled Silver,  Handmade Sterling Charms, Natural Dyes, Eco-Printed Scarves, Habotai Silk Scarves, Real Leaves

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