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  • What are your pieces made of?
    Woods and Willow jewelry is made from Sterling Silver and many times if Gold is incorporated into the design, the Sterling Silver will be accented with thiick 22kt Genuine Gold.
  • Are these pieces mass produced?
    No, all of my pieces are not mass produced and are all handmade, which is the beauty of my jewelry as no two pieces are identical and you are wearing an original piece of art!
  • Once I order, how long will it take for my jewelry to be shipped out?
    Since Woods and Willow jewelry is handmade with great attention to craftsmanship and detail, we allow up to two weeks for your jewelry to be shipped. Many times, it is before that timeframe.
  • Can I custom order something?
    Yes! Absolutely! I love to work with my clients in co-designing pieces that have sentiment and meaning. Often times, clients send me actual leaves or other elements that I incorporate into jewelry from them.
  • Since you use customer's leaves or flowers, is there something special you can make for brides to make their wedding day everlasting?"
    Absolutely! I have incorporated leaves, branches and flowers from bride's bouquets or bridegrooms' boutineers. I have made earrings, necklaces and bracelets that immoratalize the botanical elements that they carried on that very special day. These are heirlooms that can be passed down for generations! I love being a small part of family history for others.
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