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Discover the epitome of refined elegance and rustic charm with our exclusive handmade artisan black leather bracelet. This exquisite piece is meticulously crafted, featuring a central genuine diamond-studded charm that captures the essence of luxury and sophistication. 


The charm is flanked on either side by 14kt gold-filled beads, adding a touch of timeless glamour to the bracelet. 


The bracelet is expertly edged with hand-sewn stitching that not only enhances the durability of the bracelet but also adds a rustic edge to the design, creating an interesting blend of classic charm and rugged beauty.


The black leather used in this bracelet is of the highest quality, chosen for its softness and durability. It wraps comfortably around the wrist, aging gracefully over time to develop a unique patina that adds to the bracelet's character.


This artisan black leather bracelet is a celebration of craftsmanship, luxury, and the beauty of natural materials. It makes a perfect gift for those who appreciate the finer things in life or a stunning addition to your own jewelry collection. Wear this bracelet to add an element of sophisticated elegance to any outfit, knowing that you are carrying a piece of art that is as unique as you are.


PLEASE NOTE:  Depicted in one of the photos are other leather bracelets available in our shop.  However, this listing is for the Black Leather Bracelet with the Diamond Charm at its center as depicted in the first photo.

Black Leather Bracelet with Genuine Diamond Charm

  • Genuine Diamond Charm, 14kt Gold Filled Beads, Genuine Back Leather, Hand-Sewn Stitching on the edge, Sari Silk LIning, Magnetized Closures 

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