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At Woods and Willow Jewelry, we are deeply inspired by the delicate beauty of nature's elements. Our latest creation, the "Botanical Dreams" necklace, is a testament to our unique approach, where we transform nature's wonders into enchanting "what ifs."  What if leaves and flowers weren't separate on a plant, but blended together?


The star of this masterpiece is the meticulously handcrafted sterling silver and 14kt Green Gold leaf charm adorned with delicate flower buds on its surface. To elevate its elegance, we've added a genuine diamond enhancer, which not only holds the leaf charm securely but also sparkles with a touch of luxury.


But that's not all—our "Botanical Dreams" necklace introduces yet another new element to our collection: a Sterling Silver Paperclip chain accented in luscious chocolate gold. This 18" chain perfectly complements the leaf charm, creating a harmonious blend of three silver tones that melt together in perfect unison.


As you wear this piece, you'll be transported to a world of botanical dreams where the boundary between reality and imagination blurs. This necklace is not just jewelry; it's a conversation starter, a statement of individuality, and a reminder of the creative possibilities that can emerge from the natural world.


This listing is for the larger leaf necklace with diamond enhancer only.  In one of the photos, we show another smaller version of this necklace that is available in another shop listing.

Botanical Dreams: Handcrafted Sterling Silver Cupped Leaf Necklace

  • Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver and Chocolate Brown Gold Accented Chain, Handmade Leaf Charm in Sterling Silver, 14kt Green Gold Accented Leaf Charm, Genuine Diamond Enhancer

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