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Not sure why....but when I first saw these smooth, pebble shaped Black Onyx stones that were hand carved with adorable flowers on the surface, I immediately thought of combining deep shades of Green to the design for a unique and distinct vibe.  I hope you like how it turned out!  

Look closely at the Black Onyx stone and notice the adorable flowers that were hand sculpted on its surface.  I mimicked the flower shape, by making a Sterling Silver Flower charm that hangs above the Black Onyx.  In my mind's eye, I also saw a "bar" of sorts above the handmade, flower charm.  This consists of Malachite Rondelles that have small, Sterling Silver beaded spacers in between.  This quartet is attached to a long, green Onyx beaded chain that adds depth and artisanal appeal to this Woods and Willow botanical design.

I offer several lengths as you can see from the variation menu provided.

Carved Black Onyx Necklace with Malachite Stones and Silver Floral Charm

  • Sterling Silver, Handformed Floral Charm, Green Onyx Beaded Chain, Black Onyx handcarved with flowers

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