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Introducing the captivating "Fauna Luna" Necklace - a mesmerizing fusion of reality and reverie meticulously crafted. At Woods and Willow Jewelry, nature is our muse, but we take it a step further. Our designs transcend the ordinary, drawing inspiration from the natural world to create pieces that dance between reality and whimsy. The Fauna Luna Necklace embodies this spirit of playfulness.


Imagine a realm where the moon takes on the form of a flower - that's the essence of this handcrafted masterpiece. The pendant, shaped like a crescent moon, is expertly fashioned from sterling silver. Delicate botanical etchings adorn its surface, a testament to our deep connection with nature. The pendant is elegantly outlined by the subtlest of leaves, celebrating the intricate beauty found in even the tiniest of details.

Nestled at the heart of the pendant is a captivating faceted blue kyanite stone, reminiscent of a star twinkling against the night sky. Its facets catch and reflect light, evoking the enchanting shimmer of moonlight. This celestial gem is a stunning focal point, bridging the gap between the fantastical and the real.


Take a closer look at this beauty because it has so many intricate details.  The handmade beaded edging adds an artisanal feel to the surface.  The pendant measures 1 1/2" at its widest point and hangs from a 20" Sterling Silver Chain.


The Fauna Luna Necklace is more than jewelry; it's an invitation to embrace the wonder that surrounds us. It beckons you to explore the intersection of imagination and nature, sparking conversations and igniting dreams. With this enchanting piece, wear a touch of whimsy and elegance, and carry a reminder that the beauty of both reality and make-believe is yours to cherish.

"Fauna Luna" Artisan Necklace with Blue Kyanite

  • Recycled Sterling Silver, Handmade Pendant, Small handmade Maple leaves, Handmade Sterling Silver Beaded Edging, Faceted Blue Kyanite Genstibe, Sterling Silver chain, Sterling Silver Lobster Claw Clasp, Natures Inspiration 

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