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No matter what.......follow your heart.  Your heart not only feeds your body, it feeds your soul, your intuition, making it your greatest resource to making the best decision with the information you have at the time!  Trust your heart for it will never fail you!


This is a valuable lesson I have learned in my lifetime and the inspiration for this Woods and Willow necklace design.  It is made from recycled silver and formed and etched by my hand.  The front of this two-sided, puffed charm has mountains in the distance, a small grove of trees alongside the path that leads to the 22kt Gold Accented Heart.  The path is connected in the back of the charm and the words "Follow Your Heart" are scribed for your eyes only!

This beautifully, sustainably crafted handmade piece is solid Sterling Silver and the charm is approximately 3/4" in circumference and hangs from a Gold Ring that's attached to a Sterling Silver, oval etched chain that is 24" long.  This is a perfect necklace to layer with other Woods and Willow necklaces from our organic-by-intention collections.


Wear this as a talisman that gently encourages you to "Follow Your Heart" because it will ALWAYS have your back!

"Follow Your Heart" Artisan Necklace

  • Recycled Sterling Silver,  Precious Metal Clay, 22kt Genuine Gold Accents, Handmade Two-Sided Necklace Charm, Hand Scribed Message, 14kt Gold Filled Ring, Sterling Silver Oval Etched Chain, Sterling Silver Lobster Claw Clasp, Talisman Charm, Symbolic Message

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