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Elevate your jewelry collection with our "Harmony in Contrast" pendant, a captivating fusion of rustic botanical allure and timeless sophistication. This exquisite pendant features elongated freshwater pearls that exude a mesmerizing luster, gracefully complemented by a meticulously handcrafted sterling silver Hydrangea leaf charm. Nestled within the heart of this delicate leaf charm is a resplendent rainbow moonstone, radiating a captivating play of colors that dance with every movement.


The pendant is suspended from a sterling silver chain, enhancing the piece's enchanting allure. Adorning the chain are top-quality, glistening rainbow moonstone teardrops, adding an extra touch of ethereal beauty to the design.  This chain along with the pearls, hangs at 18" long.  The charm is handmade from a real Hydrangea leaf from my perennial garden and at the center of this heart-shaped leaf is a faceted Rainbow Moonstone that complements the beautiful chain. 


"Harmony in Contrast" is a celebration of nature's intrinsic beauty, seamlessly intertwined with the luxury of pearls and the mystique of natural gemstones. This pendant will effortlessly elevate any ensemble, making it the perfect accessory for those seeking to infuse a touch of magic into their everyday style. Whether worn as a symbol of natural grace or as a statement of timeless elegance, this pendant is a testament to the enduring allure of handcrafted jewelry. Embrace the enchantment and make "Harmony in Contrast" your signature piece today.

Harmony in Contrast" Elongated Freshwater Pearls and Handmade Hydrangea Leaf Cha

  • Recycled Sterling Silver Charm, Rainbow Moonstones, Sterling Silver Bezel Setting, Rainbow Moonstone Teardrops Chain, Sterling Silver Lobster Claw Clasp

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