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Introducing our new and heartfelt creation, the "Lighthearted" necklace, designed as a beautiful tribute to my dear sister, Judy. This special piece holds a profound story inspired by Judy's life, a journey marked by challenges and the unwavering love of our parents.

Judy, the fourth of six siblings, faced life with a unique set of circumstances, having been born with mental and physical challenges. Despite the societal struggles of the 1960s, our parents were steadfast advocates, tirelessly working to ensure her inclusion and acceptance in the community. Judy's journey, though difficult, was defined by the warmth and love that surrounded her and that through her innocence, she gave back to all of us in return.


The inspiration for the "Lighthearted" necklace comes from a poignant moment during the 2023 holiday season when we sadly bid farewell to Judy due to a swift and unexpected illness. United in grief, we were all present in the dimly lit hospital room as Judy's heart was lifted from this earthly realm to a place beyond. It was a sacred moment filled with profound emotions, as if our parents were there, unseen but strongly felt, guiding Judy into eternity with the love and care they always provided.  She is now free from her earthly limitations and is lighthearted for eternity!


The pendant is entirely hand-formed with Sterling Silver and measures about an inch wide from tip to tip.  A puffed heart is at the center, flanked by organic angel wings on either side.  The heart is accented in genuine Rose Gold and the entire necklace measures 17" and dangles from a 14kt Rose Gold Filled Rolo Chain.

This necklace encapsulates the universal truth that when you are loved, you feel lighter, lifted, and supported. Each element of the "Lighthearted" design symbolizes the ethereal journey of a soul embraced by love and carried forward by the presence of angels, representing our parents on either side.


Judy was lovingly cared for after my parents were in their 80's by the Devereux Foundation.  A portion of the necklace sale proceeds will be donated to this foundation in Judy's honor to assist in the care of others in need.


As you wear the "Lighthearted" necklace, we hope it brings you joy and serves as a reminder that, even in the face of life's challenges, love has the power to lift and lighten your heart. May this piece accompany you on your personal journey, symbolizing the enduring strength and beauty that love imparts to our lives.

"Lighthearted" Heart and Angel Wing Tribute Necklace

  • Recycled Sterling Silver, 14kt Rose Gold Accents, Hand Formed Heart and Angel Wing Charm 14kt Rose Gold Filled Rolo Chain, 14kt Rose Gold Filled Lobster Claw Clasp, Loving Emotions for my sister Judy 

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