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Those precious moments.....that space in time when you transition from sleep to rising.....don't loose them!  When you first wake up, keep your eyes closed and just hover and float.  Don't force your thoughts, just follow them as they wander.  These moments provide us clarity and ignite our creativity!  Stay with this space for as long as you can.  


That's what this Woods and Willow necklace design represents......those precious moments that we all rush through to start our day.  Wear this talisman necklace to remind you to slow down and savor the time between sleep and awakening to clear your mind and perhaps even solve some challenges you have been struggling with because your mind is free! 


The design consists of a 1 1/4" diameter charm, handformed with Sterling Silver.  the surface is "ruffled" on the edges and etched with sunrays.  The face of the Albalone and Himalayan Crystal Doublet glistens in soft greys, greens and blue hues and is bezel set in Sterling Silver as well.  It hangs from a Sterling Silver chain that has been oxidized and has intermittent faceted Labradorite beads climbing up the 24" chain.

"Precious Moments" Abalone Moonface Necklace

  • Sterling Silver, Recycled Sterling Silver, Precious Metal Clay, Abalone and Himalayan Crystal Doublet Moonface Stone, Handmade Sterling Silver Sun Ray Charm, Labradorite Beaded Chain in Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver Lobster Claw Clasp, Symbolic Meanings 

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