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Sterling Redwood Forest Cuff, Artisan Cuff, Forest Cuff, Handmade Cuff, Nature Cuff

This stunning Sterling Silver Cuff is completely handmade and depicts the magic of our Redwood Forests!  It is about 3/4" wide by 6" long and will fit most wrist sizes.  It is a very substantial cuff because of the amount of Sterling I used in this design. 


Take a close look at the deeply etched trees that are raised on the surface of this precious metal.  I added patina and polished the surface to further enhance these magestic trees.  You can see from some of the photos, that I have also made a narrower Redwood Forest Cuff, however this particular listing is for the wider of the two.  Please look at the other listing for the narrower cuff.


If you want a statement piece that is also suitable for layering your wrist and you are a nature lover, this artisan cuff may be calling out your name!

Sterling Silver Redwood Forest 3/4" Wide Cuff

  • Recycled Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver Sheet, Redwood Forest Motif


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