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Introducing the "Wired Willows" Bracelet, a mesmerizing blend of natural beauty and vintage charm. This handcrafted leather bracelet captures the essence of a willow's elegance with the hand-crocheted trim of antique French wire, complemented by the earthy allure of natural gemstones. It's a tribute to the art of textiles, gemology, and metalsmithing, all seamlessly interwoven into one exquisite piece.


This unique design is emblematic of our curated Woods and Willow brand, drawing inspiration from the graceful Willow Tree.  This bracelet features delicate antique Gold French wire trim that meticulously is hand-sewn around the perimeter of the leather!  A large, faceted Rutilated Quartz Stone glistens in the center and is flanked with 14kt Gold Filled Beads on either side adding artisanal appeal of this handcrafted tan leather bracelet! 
Quality Leather: The base of the bracelet is crafted from premium, tan leather chosen for its durability and softness, ensuring a comfortable fit for daily wear. Its rich texture complements the metal and gemstone components, creating a harmonious balance of materials.  All of our leather bracelets are lined with Sari Silk lining that is fused to the leather for the ultimate of comfortability.  Each leather bracelet fastens securely any wrist that measures from 7" - 8" and are approximately 1" in width. 


Magnetic Closure: Embracing both form and function, the bracelet features a hidden, magnetized closure for effortless wearability. This smart design allows for easy on and off, making it a practical choice for anyone who values convenience alongside style.

Each bracelet is a result of skilled craftsmanship, where the worlds of textiles, gemology, and metalsmithing converge. The combination of antique French wire, leather, and gemstones results in a piece that's not just an accessory, but a wearable work of art.


PLEASE NOTE:  Depicted in a few of the photos, are other "Wired Willows" available in our shop.  However, this listing is for the Tan Leather and Rutilated Quartz Stone. 

Wired Willows: Antique French Wire & Rutilated Quartz Tan Leather Bracelet

  • Rutilated Quartz Stone, Genuine Tan Leather, Sari Silk Lining, Magnetic Closure, Vintage French Wire Trim, 14kt Gold Filled Beads

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