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Embrace the essence of love and passion with our exquisite, one-of-a-kind heart amulet necklace. This stunning piece of jewelry is meticulously handcrafted, featuring a reversible sterling silver heart-shaped amulet that symbolizes love, affection, and compassion. The front of the amulet showcases intricate carved Tree of Life with a 14kt Gold Accented Heart at its core adding a touch of symbolism on how this powerful tree ties us to family through its deepest roots.  The reverse side bears a raised Tree design, both designs provide textures that are highly polished, soothing to touch, beautiful to wear and allows versatility to express your mood.


The heart amulet is elegantly suspended from a hand-knotted, 22" carnelian chain, adding an earthy and warm touch to the piece. Each carnelian bead has been lovingly hand-knotted, creating a durable and beautifully textured chain that not only enhances the amulet but also embodies the fiery energies of carnelian, known for its association with motivation, creativity, and vitality.


This necklace is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a work of art, a symbol of affection, and a talisman for embracing life with passion. It's perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your everyday attire or as a meaningful gift for someone special.

Elevate your personal style and express your love for life with this remarkable handcrafted heart amulet necklace.


This listing is for the Carnelian Heart Necklace only.  There is one photo depicting our other Heart Necklace with Aquamarine Gemstones that is available in another listing in o

"Carnelian Flames of Love" Sterling Silver Heart Amulet Necklace

  • Recycled Sterling Silver, Hand Made Heart Amulet Reversible Charm, Hand Knotted Carnelian Gemstone Chain

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