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Elevate your style with our exquisite "Golden Crescent Frange" layering necklace, a handmade masterpiece that seamlessly blends the warmth of 14kt gold-filled accents with the cool elegance of sterling silver. This one-of-a-kind piece is a true embodiment of contemporary sophistication.


At its heart, the necklace features a gracefully arched 14kt gold-filled curved tube, capturing the essence of timeless beauty. Suspended beneath, a delicate sterling silver disc chain dangles like a mesmerizing fringe, swaying with every step you take, adding movement and intrigue to your look.  The title of this necklace that includes the word "frange" is appropriate because it's French for fringe.


The necklace is carefully crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring both quality and durability. Its versatility is a key feature, thanks to an adjustable 1-inch chain extender that allows you to wear it at lengths ranging from 17 to 18 inches, giving you the freedom to layer it with other necklaces or let it shine brilliantly on its own.Embrace the blend of precious metals, the artful design, and the versatility of our "Golden Crescent Frange" necklace as it becomes a cherished part of your jewelry collection. Illuminate your beauty with this exquisite handmade necklace and experience the radiant harmony it brings to your life.

"Golden Crescent Frange: 14kt GF Crescent Tube and Silver Fringe Necklace

  • Sterling Silver Chain, 14kt Gold Filled Curved Tube, Sterling Sivler Disc Chain, Sterling Silver Lobster Claw Clasp

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