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Welcome to Woods and Willow's LANGUAGE OF LEAVES (L.O.L) Collection. This is a new series that I've been wanting to design for a long time!

Leaves have their own language, with mystical, symbolic meanings that transfer the power to enhance changes within ourselves! The cuffs are all hand stamped inside with the name of the leaf along with the secret meanings from the leaves they showcase.

These inspirational Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelets are all handmade from real leaves that have been carefully pressed into Precious Metal Clay that when fired in my kiln for hours transforms into Sterling Silver. These unique, one-of-a-kind bracelets are specifically designed to give YOU or someone you know, the strength to carry on despite challenges life sometimes puts in our paths.

You have your choice of five Sterling Cuffs, as listed below - please indicate which one(s) you want in the variation menu:

Olive Branch/Leaf - Peace
Oak Leaf - Strength
Yarrow Leaf - Health
Willow Leaf - Flexible
Sage Leaf - Wisdom

Stack them on your wrist or wear them alone.......either way, they hold special, symbolic meanings. The cuffs are designed so that one size fits most. All you need to do is put the cuff on, slightly squeeze to suit your wrist size.

NEW Language of Leaves Cuff Bracelets.....Unique Gifts with Secret Sterling Silver....Enjoy!

CLASSIC Language of Leaves Sterling Cuff Bracelets

  • Silver

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