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Life's Full Circle
Just returning from a magical Italy trip, along with 26 cousins who all shared the same grandparents! What a trip of a lifetime! I reflect on my Italian ancestors and how they left everything behind and boldly ventured to the unknown country of America. Now we, their descendants, clamor to return to the country they left and marvel at the simplistic beauty and historical charm of this colorful land.
Now I’m back where I started…full circle…and sit quietly in my studio. The visual “recordings” of my adventures slowly unfold on their own time schedule and I don’t force them, I just let them seep. However, one design surfaced first, and I followed it. Circles. How appropriate this is to artistically reflect my ancestral feelings.

These handmade, rustic, Sterling and Gold Earrings personify life’s circles, phases and our personal growth like stepping stones along our journey that sometimes takes us full circle but with a fresh perspective……just like this Italy trip.

They are about 3/4" in diameter and are made from raw Sterling Silver and accented in 22kt Genuine Gold. I love how they reflect the artifact feel of all those sacred ruins we saw in Italy. I also have a necklace that is of the same design and is pictured in some of the photos, However this listing is for the earrings only.. 

Enjoy this little piece of Italian history every time you wear these beauties!

Italian Inspired Circle Earrings in Sterling and Gold Round Disc Earrings

  • Sterling Silver, Precious Metal Clay, 22kt Genuine Gold Accents, Sterling Silver Ear Wires, Italian Inspiration

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