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This Woods and Willow necklace is part of the Italia Collection.  It is an artistic interpretation of the phases of the Moon.  In ancient Rome, the original Roman calendar was a lunar calendar that followed the phases of the Moon.  During a recent visit to Italy, there were many artifacts that depicted the mystery of the Moon.  This necklace honors the ancient Roman fascination with the Moon that still exists today.


It is a beautiful, handmade charm made of recycled, Sterling Silver with the phases of the Moons accented in 22kt Genuine Gold.  I love the two toned effect that makes this long necklace perfect for layering with either Silver or Gold necklaces at different levels.  

The long, rectangular charm is about 2 1/2 long including the bail.  I added to the artisan charm of this design, but making a long coil of Sterling Beads that embellish the outline of this charm.  The Silver is lightly oxidized to enhance the Italian inspired motif on the surface of the necklace.


I used a substantial, Sterling Silver Rolo chain that is available in two lengths, as seen in the variation menu.


If you want an Old World depiction of the different phases of our Moon in a handmade, artisan feel, this necklace might be beckoning to you.

Moon Phases Necklace in Sterling and Gold - Italia Collection

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