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Embrace the timeless elegance of nature and the profound power of symbolism with these handmade sterling silver olive leaf earrings that we lovingly entitled "Peaceful Glow". Each earring is adorned with rich, top-quality hessonite garnets, known as the "Cinnamon Stone," exhibiting the glow of the gemstone and symbolizing strength, courage, and clarity. The olive leaf, an enduring symbol of peace and abundance, adds a touch of tranquility and prosperity to the design. Adding a mystical touch, the talisman trinkets are complemented by delicate amethyst beads, which are believed to bring wisdom, clarity, and spiritual growth. 

Details are important to us at Woods and Willow and we crafted these stunning earrings with Sterling Bezel setting on the Garnets on a backplate carved in a unique Moroccan shape, adding to the artisan appeal of this design.
These beauties hang about 3 1/2" from the ear from Sterling Silver ear wires and will add deep, rich, jewel tones to your accessory trove!  These exquisite earrings are not just a beautiful accessory, but a meaningful talisman, perfect for those who appreciate jewelry with deep, symbolic significance. Embrace the Harmony & Wisdom of these unique earrings and let their serene energy enhance your style.

"Peaceful Glow" Sterling Olive Leaf Earrings with Hessonite Garnets

  • Recycled Sterling Silver, Handmade Sterling Silver Olive Leaf Charms, Hill Tribe Earring Components, Top Quality Faceted Hessonite Garnets, Sterling Silver Bezel Setting, Faceted Amethyst Stones, Sterling Silver Ear Wires

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