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Oh, how we love the language of leaves at Woods and Willow!  That's where we got started and still remain true to our roots today!  


These beautiful, handmade initial necklaces are made from raw Sterling Silver that has been recycled and each initial has a corresponding leaf that is accented in rich, 22kt Genuine Gold.  Each letter varies slightly, but measures about 3/4" long by 1/2" wide.  


You get your choice of either a Sterling Silver Beaded Chain or a 14kt Gold Filled Bar and Link Chain along with a 2" extender giving your necklace flexibility to lay between a 16" to a 18" length. 

Each Initial Necklace comes with a handwritten note from the artisan, along with the meaning of the leaf showcased.  Here are the Leaf Names and Symbolic Meanings that will correspond with each letter pendant.
 A - Angelica – Feminine Strength
 B - Beech Leaf – Learning and knowledge 
 C - Coleus Leaf  - The gift of health
 D – Dichondra Leaf – Peace after struggle
 E - Evergreen – Vitality
 F - Fern provides shelter and confidence
 G - Gingko promotes joy and happiness
 H – Holly – Good Will and peace
 I - Ivy – Symbol of fidelity
 J - Jasmine - Cheerfulness & grace
 K – Kousa Dogwood - Rebirth
 L - Lilac – Purity and innocence
 M - Mint - Stability
 N - Nandina – Joyful Good Luck
 O - Olive Leaf  - Symbolizes peace
 P – Pomegrante – life and fertility
 Q - Queen Anne's Lace - Safety and refuge
 R - Rose – Symbol of Love and Beauty
 S - Sage symbolizes wisdom
 T - Trumpet Vine Leaf – Fresh Start 
 U - Umbrella Plant
 V -  Vinca Vine symbolizes protection 
 W - Wisteria means to welcome
 X – Xyris – symbolizes beauty
 Y - Yarrow promotes good health
 Z – Zinnia – Lasting affection

These artisan necklaces are perfect for thoughtful, gift giving, are beautifully made and truly special!

Sterling and Gold Initial Necklaces with Leaves and CHOICE of Chain

  • Sterling Silver, Recycled Silver, Precious Metal Clay, 22kt Genuine Gold Accents, Real Leaves, Leaf Symbolisms, Language of Leaves, Choice of either Sterling Silver Beaded Chain or 14kt Gold Filled Bar and Link Chain 

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