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This is another original Woods and Willow "Enchanted Forest" design. This listing is for the pendant only. I love this Winter forest design! It is intentionally organic through the softly cracked edging on this large Sterling charm. This 1 1/2" oval pendant is rustic as is the beauty of our forests around us.

This Sterling Silver charm started with Precious Metal Clay that was dredged into a woodsy background, giving it depth and mystery. The appeal of this one-of-a-kind pendant is mesmerizing as you gaze into the forest as if you were looking right at the Gold crescent moon on a winter's night.

The small crescent moon is glowing against the grey, silver sky from a thick coating of Genuine Gold and the contrast is indeed enchanting!

I have added to the whimsical charm of this piece by making a handmade bail that can accommodate most clasps. Use this pendant on your existing Sterling or Gold chains. Wear it short or long!

"Enchanted Forest Collection" by Woods and Willow.....Sterling Silver, handmade pendant, kissed with genuine
Gold....get lost in Winter's Forest!

Sterling Silver and Gold Enchanted Forest Pendant

  • Precious Metal Clay, My Love of Forests, Handmade Bail, Sterling Silver, Genuine 22 kt Gold, Celestrial Jewelry

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