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We, as humans, are in constant search of our own light, our truth, our purpose. I created this Sterling Silver and 22kt Gold Moth necklace to symbolize this magical search. The moth symbolizes determination, attraction, psychic abilities, and faith. Although moths are nocturnal, they are driven toward light for some unknown reason. Even when its efforts toward light prove dangerous and futile, the moth continues to drive forward, demonstrating its faith and determination.

This handmade, Sterling Silver Moth necklace is beautiful with the wing span of about 2" across that sits nicely along the neckline. I love giving my Woods and Willow customers options, therefore, you can choose from two different beaded chains. One is a Turquoise beaded chain and the other one is a Freshwater Pearl beaded chain, both in 14kt gold plated wire. The gold wire complements the center of the moth, which I have in 22kt Genuine Gold. The amount of Sterling Silver Clay I used on this charm is significant, yet very comfortable on the neck. I also have three chain length choices.

There are so many mysteries and treasures in the world around us. My mission with Woods and Willow jewelry, is to craft handmade pieces that are nature inspired that when worn, will remind you to "Look Up" from your phones and embrace the calmness and beauty of the world around us! And....also....find your light!

Sterling Silver and Gold Moth Necklace

  • Gold, Silver

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