At Woods and Willow, we obviously love designing jewelry with Willow leaves but earrings especially! The long, slender Willow leaf is perfect as an earring because it elongates the neck, whether you are wearing your hair up or down. These handmade, one of a kind beauties have a total of 2 1/2" from the earlobe and dangle gracefully from Sterling Silver ear wires, just like the Willow leaves sway in the wind off of their flexible branches!

The actual leaf charms are from real Willow leaves, are made out of Sterling Silver and are lightly oxidized to enhance those delicate leaf veins on the surface. I added small, Ethiopian Opal Cabachons at the top of the leaf that are bezel set in Sterling. The translucent colors of blue, pink, green, yellow and lavender are so apparent at every turn. The actual leaf charms are about 1 3/4:"in length.

Willow leaves symbolize flexibility and adaptation, two qualities we can never get enough of! So if you want beautiful, handcrafted earrings with symbolic meanings from nature, these earrings may be calling out to you!

Sterling Silver Weeping Willow Leaf Earrings with Ethiopian Opals

  • Sterling Silver, Precious Metal Clay, Real Willow Leaves, Handmade Earring Charms, Sterling Silver Ear Wires, Ethiopian Opal Cabachons, Sterling Silver Bezel Settings, My Love of Willow Leaves, Weeping Willow Symbolisms