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"Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me." Do you remember this old saying? Well, today it still resonates in our societies, which is unfortunate. Woods and Willow is putting its nature-inspired jewelry designs towards a good cause, namely, anti-bullying initiatives.

For this beautiful, Silver and Gold, botanical charm necklace, I used real sticks and cast them in Sterling Silver. These detailed, handcrafted sticks range from 1" long to 1 1/2" long. Each small, stone was actually hand-selected by me from the beaches of Ocean City, New Jersey for their size, rounded shapes and individuality. Each one heavily plated in 22kt Genuine Gold that gives off a warm, rich glow, is brightly polished and captures crevices on the surface of these beach worn pebbles, giving it a rustic look.

Please note: All of these necklaces are one-of-a-kind and the photos show how they will vary slightly, yet still hold the essence and intent of the design. The chains I selected are also two-toned with Sterling Silver links, interspersed with small, deleicate Gold-Filled balls that glisten with every turn. I offer three lengths as seen in the variation menu.

The Reason Behind the Design:
I am personally vested in this cause. My sister is mentally challenged and was ridiculed relentlessly at school, so I know first-hand how hurtful this was to her and to our entire family. This was years ago and there was not much you could do to stop this. But today, we have organized programs….we have hope.

Proceeds from the sale of these pieces will go to anti-bullying organizations in support of bringing national attention on bullying incidents occurring throughout the country and developing resolutions to end this epidemic.

Did you know……..

1. 60% of middle school students say that they have been bullied.
2. 160,000 students stay home from school every day due to bullying.
3. In schools where there are anti-bullying programs, bullying is reduced by 50%.

So please join this movement to end bullying while at the same time, wearing handcrafted, Woods and Willow jewelry that contributes to educating our young children on the benefits of positive behavior and how together, we CAN build a kinder world!

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